ACT Broadband Plans Karnataka – Bangalore

ACT Fibernet Latest Limited – Unlimited Broadband Plans:

Information about latest Broadband recharge offers, Broadband plans of ACT Fibernet for Karnataka region.

MRP(in Rupees(₹)) Speed Download Description

ACT Fibernet broadband plans for Bangalore

675 2 Mbps 20 GB – Post FUP 256 Kbps ACT Swift
899 10 Mbps 30 GB – Post FUP 512 Kbps ACT Rapid
1049 30 Mbps 50 GB – Post FUP 512 Kbps ACT Blaze
1149 30 Mbps 60 GB – Post FUP 512 Kbps ACT Storm
1399 50 Mbps 75 GB – Post FUP 512 Kbps ACT Lightning
1999 100 Mbps 125 GB – Post FUP 1 Mbps ACT Incredible
2999 100 Mbps 250 GB – Post FUP 2 Mbps ACT Essential
3999 1250 Mbps 350 GB – Post FUP 2 Mbps ACT Advance
4399 125 Mbps 500 GB – Post FUP 2 Mbps ACT Progress

  • ashwin.hellboy

    Hi, I’m Ashwin from bangalore.
    I subscribed for ACT on 9th Jan 2015. My documents was accepted on 11th Jan. The payment was accepted on 12th Jan.

    I was supposed to get the connection within 10 days as per the SMS I received from ACT Team.

    After a few days, an ACT electrician installed a distribution box at my home and told me that the technical team will connect the cables to your workstation. The technical team never showed up.

    So, I registered an ACT request No 0003592279 on 16th Jan spoke to Prashanth from ACT who assured that this will be solved within 24 hrs. Surprisingly, I got a SMS that my broadband service has been activated and with it my username and password.

    Next day(17th Jan), I got a SMS that the ticket has been resolved, and to reopen the ticket, type “N” and send to 8861202208 which I sent.

    On 21st Jan(The Day I should have got the connection), I got the same SMS that the ticket has been resolved, and to reopen the ticket, which I sent on 22nd Jan.

    And again on 24th Jan with the same SMS.

    I had requested the ACT Team(Prashanth, Kiran, Chiranjeevi and Anand) on different occasions to provide me with an internet connection. So far, no one from the technical team has responded. Note: I’m using BSNL connection to write this review.

    The only update I get is that this issue will be resolved in 24 hrs and the periodic SMS to reopen the ticket.

    Today (1st Feb 2015) I got my first E-Bill to pay Rs.508 from Team Act. How nice of them to be so prompt in generating the Bill.

    FYI, I still haven’t got my F*****G internet connection yet ACT Team. This system is totally stupid!!!

    The ACT Team wants me to pay for the internet I haven’t used at all? Any kid with a little bit of common sense can prevent this error from happening. What exactly is the Team doing?

    Dear Readers, Please let me know if there is any better way to spread the word in order to prevent others innocent subscribers from facing my problem. (Posting my issue on Blog sites having ACT content is my way..)

    Readers and Bloggers, I do not know what to do. Raising any more ACT tickets is of no use. I have already raised enough tickets to get an internet connection which is still in progress.

    One more stupidity from the ACT Team and I’m definitely gonna sue them. I’ll keep you guys posted.

    • krish

      i thought “Fiber optic cable” means no interrupted service but these “ACT group not following that.Every week i need to call customer care it take to connect 30 min..simply they do some issues and resolves…like that many weeks faced problem.i took one year subscription..plz dont go for this like me..very bad service ..suggesting others please don’t go for this check with your neighbors and take connection which ever is best in your place.

  • ashwin.hellboy

    I checked with the ACT customer service (somashekar) a while ago and there is no misunderstanding. He states that since the connection is prepaid, the bill generates automatically.

    He also said that, once I get the internet connection, I have to raise another ticket with the billing team requesting them to deduct this amount in the next bill.

    Meaning, I have to pay the bill this month in order to prevent from being fined and then request for a reduction in the next month bill. It doesn’t matter to them whether I’m using the internet or have a connection.

    I have to pay the bill regardless of whatever issues I’m facing and claim them by raising a ticket when the issues are resolved.

    The help desk was also kind enough to send me the SOA (statement of account) through mail and a remainder to pay it online as well.

    This is really a legal way to make money without providing any service. Its really interesting.

    1. Lure a customer into purchasing a high speed net connection.
    2. Ask him/her to pay the first month bill upfront.
    3. Delay the connection process for a month.
    4. Ask him/her to pay the next month bill as well.
    5. If the customer pays, repeat steps 3 & 4.
    If the customer delays to pay, fine them.
    If the customer withdraws, deduct all fines and fees and pay only minimum.
    6. Either way, the company makes a profit without providing any services to the customer.

    Nice Strategy. Only Indians are capable of accomplishing this.

  • Ramana Reddy


  • krishna

    what is the upload speed on 4399

  • gayathri

    Please don’t go for bsnl fibernet connection.every week 4 days it has no connectivity.if we complain to customer care, they assure to repair it.but every time we should wait for minimum 4 days.

    • chandru

      thanks… i thought of going with BSNL.

  • swetha

    please don’t go for tikona broadband connection

  • shafeeq k

    ACT.. Worst customer service ever. dont ever go for this connection.

  • Syed Zoheb

    ACT has the worst customer service ever, i think that you guys are getting arrogant. let me remind you that there are a lot of other internet service providers these days

    They took the money for the connection 26 days back, Installed cable 15 days back and have still not activated my connection. Customer care is irresponsible, the local service providers are dodging the calls. If you dont have the connection ready then why the hell would you come and take money and everything and not put the connection after 26 days of ordering. This from RR nagar.

  • vijay kumar

    if you want to know and experience the worst internet connection in the world then opt for Hathway you will die with additional bill calling the customer care. the monthly rental will 1.5 times.

  • Chandra Prakash

    better don’t go to the bsnl broadband it’s gets repair for every month and the charge will be taken after a week but in act if the net speed reduces if we make a call to costumer care they will be taken fast action and they take a action within 5