Sub Zonal Insemination (SUZI) Micro Assisted Fertilization (MAF)

These sophisticated expensive techniques are needed if: IVF or GIFT fails due to fertilization failure. Sperm binds to zona pellucida but fails to penetrate due to either spermal antibodies (or) antibodies to Zona pellucida. No or weak binding of sperm to zona. Oligo spermia & asthenospermia. Immunological derived infertility. →Zona drilling (ZD) to allow spermal penetration has not been successful. →Partial

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Micro Surgical Epididymal Sperm – Testicular Aspiration and Biopsy

This is the latest technology employed in azoospermia caused by blocked vas . Cryo preservation of semen of the husband & embryos for future fertility is required if the man has to undergo radiation or the chemotherapy for malignancy. Alternately epididymal (or) testicular aspiration technique is employed. In the latter situation, repeat aspiration can be avoided, & sperms cryopreserved. ICSI

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Ovum Donation

Donor egg IVF is used for patients with the poor egg numbers on quality. An egg donor is subjected to the stimulation protocol for inducing super ovulation, followed by standard egg retrieval ;egg are then fertilized by the sperm of the patients male partner (husband) & the embryos transferred to the patients uterus which has been simultaneously prepared as per

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