Free Baggage Allowance without payment of customs in India

Free Baggage Allowance without payment of customs in India

Passengers are allowed baggage to the extent as detailed below, as free allowance without payment of customs duty.

For passengers coming from :
Other than Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar
Indian Resident – Rs.50,000/-*
Foreigner residing in India – Rs.50,000/-*
Indian Tourist – Rs.50,000/-*
Foreign Tourist – Rs.15,000/-*
From Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar
by Air and Sea – Rs.15,000/-*
by Land – Only used personal effects**
Infants – only used personal effects** in both the aforesaid cases.

* – free allowance of baggage, as the case may be, as mentioned above is for used personal effects** and travel souvenirs and articles other than those mentioned in Annexure I, if these are carried on the person or in the accompanied baggage of the passenger

** – “personal effects” means things required for satisfying daily necessities but does not include jewellery

Presently, Customs duty is leviable @36.05%. (Basic Customs Duty @35% + Education Cess @3%) on the value of dutiable goods that is in excess of the Duty Free Allowance

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