Leg Cramps Treatment: Home Remedy for Cramps

Home Remedy for Cramps:

Home Remedy for Cramps

Coconut Oil: Massaging the sore muscle with coconut oil relieves pain caused due to cramps.

Green Tea: Having green can give instant relief from pain. You can also include herbs like ginger and cloves in the tea.

Chamomile Tea: Drinking 3-4cups of Chamomile for 10 days can relieve muscle cramps; this tea is rich in amino acid that relaxes muscles.

Vegetable/Fruit Juice: Vegetable/Fruit Juice (potatoes, yogurt, sugarcane, bananas, cabbage, and broccoli) are rich sources vitamin and minerals ike potassium and calcium which will be useful for vi muscle relaxation and nerve muscle function.

Honey: Having 2 teaspoons of honey daily will prevent leg cramps to some extent.

Lemon: Lemon juice mixed with pinch of salt can give immediate relief from cramps occurred due to workout.

Apple Cider Vinegar: having Apple Cider Vinegar (contains potassium) mixed with warm water and honey will be helpful in treatment of leg cramps.

Water: Dirking plenty of water can avoid building cramps.

Warm Water: The cramped leg muscles can be relaxed by placing legs in warm water mixed with pinch of salt for 30 minutes.

Ice: Massage ice or a freezing pack on the cramp area to reduce the pain.

Heat Pad: Massaging with heat pad on to the cramped muscle can help to relax the muscle and ease the pain.

Turmeric Powder: make paste mixed with Turmeric powder, lime juice and salt. Apply this paste on your cramps for immediate relief from pain.


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