Incidence of Abortion

Incidence of abortion:

In USA: In the statistics done in 2003, 16 women for every 1000 women aged 14-15 years had an abortion and for every 1000 births, about 241 abortions were performed, according to the centers for disease control and prevention.

Safety:-Legal abortions are almost safe. Infection rates are less than 1% in legal abortion.

Race:-Among all races whites are having increased rates of abortion that is 52%, blacks 36%,8% another races and 3% are unknown race.

Age:-Mostly abortions are seen among the women of less than 20years and more than 40years.

In the world: 13% deaths of women occur due to abortion. Around 50million abortions performed every yearly in the world. In that 20million are unsafe.

 It is difficult to estimate the incidence of abortions (mainly spontaneous).Home abortions are not reported.But probably 10-20% of all clinical pregnancies end in miscarriage and another optimistic figure of 10% are induced legally. 75% abortions occur before the 16th week and of these about 75% occur before 8th week of pregnancy.   

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