Gamete Intra – Fallopian Transfer (GIFT)

  • It was first described by Aschetal in 1984.It involves aspiration of oocytes following ovulation induction either laproscopically or under ultrasound guidance transvaginally.
  • Laparoscopic route is preferred as it anyway requires sperm & oocyte transfer in to the fallopian tube.
  • 2hours before aspiration, semen is prepared, washed from the seminal plasma * remained in culture medium at 37 c.
  • The oocytes (2 per tube) are mixed with 50,000 sperms, &transferred to each ampullary portion of the fallopian tube 4 cm from the fimbrial end.
  • The volume transferred is to 10 to 20µ (micron).
  • Lately, transfer of oocytes & sperm are attempted by transuterine catheterization of the tube (falloscopically).


Indications are :-

  • Un explained infertility
  • Failed intra uterine insemination
  • Immunological factor in male
  • Immunological factors in cervix
  • Donor semen required (rare) 

→Both the fallopian tubes must be patent.  The results are better with GIFT IBF, I.e.  45%S success versus 15 to 20%.Abortion rate of 10 to 15%, ectopic pregnancy (7%) & multiple pregnancy (20 to 50%) have been reported.

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