In Vitro Fertilization | ivf Process | And Embryo Transfer ( IVF – ET )

In Vitro Fertilization | ivf Process | And Embryo Transfer ( IVF – ET ) :

 This involves ovulation induction, oocyte retrieval & for 3-5 days followed by sub sequent transfer of selected fertilized oocyte trans cervically under ultra sound guidance in to the uterine cavity. 

50,000 selected sperms are used for insemination.



  Eighteen hours after insemination, oocytes are obtained for the presence of pronuclei (sign of fertilization) & cultured for a further 24 hours. A t 2 to 4 cell stage, two embryo transfer (ET) in to the uterine cavity _below the funders is performed. The woman is allowed to go home 2 to 3hours following ET.


The indications for IVF are :-

♠       Idiopathic (or) unexplained male & female infertility.

♠       Immunological factor in male & female.

♠       Blocked fallopian tubes.

♠       Failed intra uterine (or) fallopian insemination.

♠       Mild endometriosis.

♠       Abnormal seven findings.

→ 3 to 4 cycles of IVF yield 15 to 20% pregnancy rate. The best results are seen in women with blocked tubes, where as poor results are seen in oligospermia, terato spermia and asthenospermia.

→ IVF is a costly therapy not affordable to many couples.

→ Because of multiple pregnancy ensuring from two embryo transfer with associated increased fetal loss through abortion, ectopic pregnancy & preterm delivery. Not more than three embryos are transferred per cycle to minimise multiple pregnancy.   

→ It requires an expensive & an elaborate laboratory.

    →  The risk of congenital malformation of the baby remains inconclusive.

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