Micro Surgical Epididymal Sperm – Testicular Aspiration and Biopsy

This is the latest technology employed in azoospermia caused by blocked vas .

Cryo preservation of semen of the husband & embryos for future fertility is required if the man has to undergo radiation or the chemotherapy for malignancy.

Alternately epididymal (or) testicular aspiration technique is employed. In the latter situation, repeat aspiration can be avoided, & sperms cryopreserved. ICSI now supersedes zonal techniques because :-

→ It is more successful in improving fertility.sperm-aspiration

→ Spermotozoa as well as spermatids can be employed.

→ Histopathology & karyotype study is possible.

→ Cryopreservation saves cost & stress of repeated performance in each cycle.

→ The low success rate with  assisted reproductive technique (ART) Is attributed to the older age of the woman who under goes the procedure only after other methods only after methods fail,& considerable time has elapsed since infertility. Because of the cost and stress of the procedure, women opt for these only if other methods fail.

→ Epididymal aspiration can be done under local anaesthesia, but testicular biopsy requires general anaesthesia.

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