Ovum Donation

Donor egg IVF is used for patients with the poor egg numbers on quality. An egg donor is subjected to the stimulation protocol for inducing super ovulation, followed by standard egg retrieval ;egg are then fertilized by the sperm of the patients male partner (husband) & the embryos transferred to the patients uterus which has been simultaneously prepared as per the standard IVF protocol.




Indications :-    

  • Woman with premature ovarian failure
  • Woman with removed ovaries
  • Older woman (poor oocyte activity)
  • Failure to respond with super ovulation regimen
  • Genetic disease.


The oocytes are collected from :-

  • Sister or friend.
  • Those for IVF candidates, excess oocytes following retrieval or cryopreservation.
  • One undergoing laparoscopic sterilization.
  • The oocyte donor like semen donor must be screened for injection & genetic disease.
  • The recipients must have oestrogen & progesterone therapies to prime the endometrium prior to embryo replacement. Embryos of 4-8 cell stage are transferred on 17-19th day of the recipients menstrual cycle.

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