Sub Zonal Insemination (SUZI) Micro Assisted Fertilization (MAF)

These sophisticated expensive techniques are needed if:

  • IVF or GIFT fails due to fertilization failure.
  • Sperm binds to zona pellucida but fails to penetrate due to either spermal antibodies (or) antibodies to Zona pellucida.
  • No or weak binding of sperm to zona.
  • Oligo spermia & asthenospermia.
  • Immunological derived infertility.


→Zona drilling (ZD) to allow spermal penetration has not been successful.

→Partial zonal dissection (PZD) or puncture followed by insemination has produced pregnancies, but polygamy & abnormal embryos have occurred.

→Sub zonal insemination (SUZI) in to perivitelline space is useful if the sperms are immotile (or) have reduced mortality.

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