Wrong Recharge Reversal for BSNL Prepaid

Reverse wrong mobile recharge for BSNL:

For BSNL prepaid numbers if you want to reverse your wrong recharge just send a sms to 58081.

SMS Format:   To revert back the Wrong Top-Up done from Your Ctop-Up Reatiler Sim, send

REV<space>Mobile No.<space>Amount<Ref. ID via SMS to 58081.

SMS should be sent within 2 hours from transaction time but on same calendar date.

In return you will receive Request Acceptance.

SMS should be sent from same CTOP_No/ Retailer Mobile.

SMS sent will cost Rs. 2 /SMS.

Entire process will take around 4 hours for reversal.

A retailer can reverse maximum 5 transactions in a calendar month.

Only TOPUP can be reversed.

All other Special Recharge is not allowed for reversal. Any RCV /STV cannot be reverted back.

Top Up denomination should be minimum Rs 50

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