Tata DoCoMo Postpaid Duplicate Bill Process

Tata DoCoMo Postpaid Duplicate Bill Process

You can get details of your bill, activate and deactivate Value Added Services and even subscribe to our Add-on Packs, all by simply sending an SMS to 121.

To get your outstanding bill details, SMS BILL to 121.

Request for a Duplicate Bill. SMS DUPBILL MON where MON is the first three letters pf the month. E.g. DUPBILL JUN for the month of June.

To get your bills by email, SMS ebill <your email id>. E.g. ebill [email protected]

Unbilled Data Usage Info              BILL        DATA


No Charges

Itemized Bill:

Feature – Itemised Bill (RC)          ACT/CAN             IBLD

Feature – Itemised Bill (RC)          ACT/CAN             IBLOCAL

Feature – Itemised Bill (NRC)       NRCLD

Feature – Itemised Bill (NRC)       NRCLOCAL

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