GoogleTranslator Blogengine – GoogleTranslator Widget for Blogengine

GoogleTranslator Blogengine Widget:

GoogleTranslator is language translator widget for Blog engine 3.0 websites. This allows your blog to show a Google language Translator on your widget area and can translate web content to different languages



You may download the extensions below. To install the extensions, simply copy the downloaded contents of GoogleTranslator\content\custom\widget folder into your BlogEngine.NET 3.0 (web)\content\custom\Extensions\ GoogleTranslator folder of your blog engine site. And set the Horizontal or Vertical option from widget admin area for alignment.


Install from Blogengine gallery.



GoogleTranslator — Zip File

Nuget package for the GoogleTranslator:

GoogleTranslator. — nupkg

Also available in blog Engine gallery

<gallery> /Extensions/ GoogleTranslator

After installing GoogleTranslator, select the following options in admin widget edit

Align Horizontal or Vertical:  Horizontal.

Ex: Horizontal

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