TwitterFeedPopout – Sliding Twitter Feed Popout for Blogengine

TwitterFeedPopout – Sliding Twitter Feed Popout for Blogengine

TwitterFeedPopout is Sliding Twitter Feed Pop out widget for Blog engine 3.0. This allows your blog to show a Twitter Feed pop out box on mouse hover of Twitter button on your page.

Twitter feed popout


You may download the extensions below. To install the extensions, simply copy the downloaded TwitterFeedPopout.dll file into your BlogEngine.NET 3.0 (web)/bin folder of your blog engine site. And copy the image TFFloat.png from TwitterFeedPopout\content\custom\Extensions\ TwitterFeedPopout folder into custom\Extensions\ TwitterFeedPopout folder of blog engine site.



TwitterFeedPopout — Zip file

Nuget package for the TwitterFeedPopout:

TwitterFeedPopout. — NUPKG

Also available in blog Engine gallery

dnbegallery /Extensions/ TwitterFeedPopout

After installing TwitterFeedPopout, set the following options in extensions

Twitter user ID:  Paste the user Id of your Twitter page.

Ex: Infofru

Create widget in your twitter account. Here

Twitter Widget ID:  Paste the Widget ID created in your Twitter page.


Image path: Set the image path to



/blog/custom/Extensions/TwitterFeedPopout/TFFloat.png   — (if your blog is in subfolder)



Twitter feed popout settings

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